Performance Rules

Time Limits:

Solos: 3 Minutes (Please indicate final time on entry form for solos)

Duets: 3 Minutes (2 Dancers)

Small Group: 3 Minutes (3-5 Dancers)

Medium Group: 3 Minutes (6-9 Dancers)

Large Group: 4 Minutes (10-15 Dancers)

Line: 5 Minutes (16+ Dancers)

Production: 10 Minutes (only 5 minute set up & 5 minute clean up allowed)

Please Note: There are no overtime fines as long as you have indicated on your entry form of any overtime dances and their time lengths, so that scheduling can be accurate. Unknown overtime performances will be fined $50.00.

Performance Rules:

Age: will be calculated on the age of the participants on March 1st in the participating year. There is no minimum age requirement. Teachers use your best judgment for your students. Average age is determined by the ages of all dancers in the group. (eg. 8.00-8.50= 8 yrs old, 8.51-8.99 = 9 yrs)

Music: Teachers will play their music from back stage. There will be an MP3 plug in and a CD player. **All music must have a back up eg. CD or iPod**

Props: There is a one minute time allotment for setting up props and one minute to take down props in between numbers. Please check off on your entry if you have props. (this does not apply to hand help props) When you receive your final program draft there will be specific prop instructions for each theatre. Studio clothing advertising your studio is not appropriate to wear for your prop crew.

Backstage: Only one group at a time should be waiting backstage to perform. We want to create a safe area that is quiet and fair for the performers. Solos and Duets will be allowed backstage when their category begins.

Adjudication: After performing, All Dancers shall wait backstage or in an allotted area until called for adjudication. Adjudications will take place approximately every 30- 40 minutes. Dancers shall not be sitting in the auditorium during any category they are participating in.

High Gold: 90+
Gold: 85-89
Silver: 80-84
Bronze: 74-79